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So you are thinking of purchasing or selling a property, well you have come the right place. We charge a fixed fee that includes all the relevant searchers and disbursements. Please contact one of our friendly Conveyancers either by telephone or via the quote form, to get an all inclusive quote.

If you're thinking of buying, or selling your home, don't try to navigate the entire process on your own. There are many complexities surrounding the rules and regulations of property transfer.

We highly recommended to our customers or people who are only just starting to look for the perfect home, to send us a copy of the Section 32 before you sign the Contract of Sale to have it checked, so we can make sure all the needed Special Conditions are in place before the Contract is signed and to make sure you have checked every appliance to make sure they are in full working order.

Don't try to figure everything out on your own if you are considering buying or selling your home. The rules and regulations of property transfer can get confusing and you want to avoid oversights in your contract.

We are licensed to service any property in Victoria so as long as the property is in the State of Victoria or Melbourne CBD then we can handle the transaction on your behalf.

Rather than get stressed out trying to wade through the intricacies of transfer, let Conveyancing World and their team of Conveyancers do it for you. For a quote, call now.

Conveyancing World holds professional indemnity insurance against civil liability and we retain a solicitor for any legal work carried out.

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